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Pine Lake Health is your preferred health care provider in Lincoln, Nebraska.

We welcome you to our practice.

We know that choosing a primary care provider is not an easy process. We are pleased that you have chosen us and look forward to a long-term relationship. Our goal is to provide you with quality, timely and cost-effective healthcare in a pleasant, professional, patient focused environment. If we are not succeeding in reaching your goal we ask that you let us know. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

Pine Lake Health is a full service primary care center dedicated to providing care for all ages, newborn to elderly. Our medical staff consists of a board-certified physician, one physician assistant and three nurse practitioners. Our providers also have admitting privileges at BryanLGH East Medical Center, BryanLGH West Medical Center and Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center.

We serve patients of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Why people choose us?

 Hospital facilities

Furnishings up-to-date. Similarly, are your waiting room and offices clean? Take the trash out regularly, organize any bookshelves, and create a safe, open environment. Oh, and toss those magazines from two years ago. No one’s reading them.

Patient staff

Setting up your private practice therapy business for success begins with how you greet potential customers. What do you say when you pick up the phone? Make sure your voice is calm, welcoming, and you identify yourself and the practice immediately.

Focus on quality care

Think back to those role-playing days in your graduate Psych. classes and make sure you’re utilizing the skills you practiced. Engaging your clients and listening during sessions is what sets a great therapist apart from a good one. Be good at your job—simple and easy.

Customer service is a priority

Keeping clients coming back is a priority, right? But, you also have to worry about chasing down balances from non-paying clients or sending numerous reminders to people that have a history of being no-shows. Even if administrative tasks leave you stressed, be professional and kind at all times.